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Roll On

Car, Bike & Van Tuning

Engine tuning via the ECU can have massive effects on the performance of the vehicle. These can be huge increases of power, increased drivability and an increase in miles per gallon. For people who are looking for more power often, ECU tuning is the most cost effective way of increasing power, gains of up to 15-20% power on average (for turbo engines). ECU tuning is adjusting the parameters within the ECU itself to create more horsepower and torque by tweaking sensitive data. These parameters can be spark timing, boost pressure, fuel rail pressure, injection timing and many more. People who are after better miles per gallon are achieved in the same way, but the parameters are adjusted in a way that generates more torque lower in the RPM range which means the engine doesn’t work as hard thus using less fuel. Gains of up to 25% increase in MPG.This process often takes between 1-2 hours.

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